Changing which elements are hidden in embed mode?

Hey y'all,

I have a custom build of kibana running with quite a few source code changes, one thing I'm kind of stuck on is modifying which elements of a dashboard are hidden/displayed when embed=true. I'd like to show pretty much everything that's visible normally except the actual nav bar used to access other parts of kibana.


Hello Marko,

Do you mean the elements of each individual app that are hidden? This is handled programatically by each app. What gets shown vs. not is primarily decided by the devs maintaining the app. It could be as simple as hiding the elements or it could be that some app elements weren't included at all since they weren't relevant in that context.

If you want to do a deeper dive on what any specific app does or does not include, look for files with names like embeddable_factory.ts or <app-name>_embeddable_factory.ts and look through them.


Yes, I'm looking for a place where the elements of each individual app are hidden, to be more specific I'm looking for a place where dashboard elements are hidden. I've done some digging in the files you described but I haven't had any luck. If You've any other pointers I'd appreciate them.

An example would be, if you go map_embeddable_factory.ts (in the latest code ~7.8-8.x) you'll see it ultimately returns an instance of MapEmbeddable which is located in map_embeddable.ts. The render method of MapEmbeddable returns:

      <Provider store={this._store}>
            addFilters={this.input.hideFilterActions ? null : this.addFilters}

This is the root of everything returned in embed mode. What's included or not, or hidden, all starts here and will vary app by app.


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