Charts to represent information extraxted from pdf and images with fscrawler, elasticsearch and kibana

I implemented fscrawler, Tesseract with kibana, and elastic search for pdf, and it is possible to know if it is possible to some statistics in graphical charts (example: to know the occurrence of word in each pdf or image) is there any solution or tool that can perform that

You can enable fielddata on the content field and use Kibana to display a tag cloud on that field.

Note that it can use a lot of HEAP memory.

But that won't be per document.

i didnt understanf can yu explain me how, to give more details i created deirectory in tmp ccalled /tmp/es and puted my files and creating index called testindex but i use kibana dev tool console to dilay content of my pdf and images, how can i visualiz that in kibana without the query console; give the stemps to read data in kibana plz

I'm afraid I can't do that.
I'd first learn what elasticsearch and kibana are by following some guides/tutorials:

About fielddata you can read this:


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