Charts with stictly defined Timezone

I'd like to make a bar chart that will display monthly stats without offsetting timestamp with users time zone.

The problem is that for example record 2019-02-01T00:00:00.000Z for Kibana user in EST timezone will be displayed incorrectly as 31 January.

Is there a way to strictly define timezone and disregard user browser settings?

You can set the timezone in Kibana's Advanced Settings. Look for dateFormat:tz.

Thanks @nickpeihl
Default tImezone is good for everything but one chart that displays monthly stats. It is confusing because of timezone offset.

I want to create a chart that will be displayed identically for all users regardless of their timezone. Everything else is good with default browser settings.

You want to set the timezone on a single visualization and use the browser timezone for other visualizations? I don't think this is currently possible. Would you mind submitting a feature request for this?

Yes and I was wondering if this is possible to achieve from advances chart settings right now.
I'm going to submit a feature request. Thanks!

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