Check whether document returned is from a read or a write index

I have a requirement where I want to delete the documents which match the query but only if they are in the read index , if it is in a write index I don't want the documents to be deleted.
Below query deletes irrespective of whether read or write index.
Iam using the delete by query api

Post /(alias name)/_delete_by_query
"query": {
"term": {
"max_docs": 1,
"sort": [
"dateField": {
"order": "asc"
Can you please tel me know if the query can be changed in a way it deletes only from read index.

Thank you

I believe you would need to explicitly list the indices to delete from rather than using an alias that includes the current write index.

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There are numerous read index so , listing all would be a problem.
Is there a way to exclude the write index as there is just one write index

No there is not.

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