Chnge Datetime format to MMMM yyyy

Hi Team,
We need to change the format of timestamp to MMMM yyyy . I have tried datetimeformater but it's not working. The result that I got is not aggregated . Kindly help me with this.

my scripted field:-

ZonedDateTime input = doc['timestamp'].value;
return input;

And have changed format pattern to MMMM YYYY


But When i use scripted field in visualization it not attributed. when terms aggregation was used
please refer screenshots
my visualization;-

Please help me to fix this

Something like this?

Note that my scripted field is a String, not a Date, which is created from an existing Date field. I'm using the Kibana sample E-Commerce data as a reference. The script is as follows (change order_date to timestamp in your case).

ZonedDateTime input = doc['order_date'].value;
DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("MMMM yyyy");
String output = input.format(formatter);
return output;

This is how the data shows up in a Lens visualization, when I drag the scripted field to workspace to use it as the horizontal axis field:

Another idea... truncating the date values in your scripted field

ZonedDateTime input = doc['timestamp'].value;
return input.truncatedTo(ChronoUnit.DAYS).withDayOfMonth(1);

Thank you soo much Jason Slater for both the replies. They worked like a charm . Appreciate it !!!!

I have a timestamp value in UTC time zone , within the script is it possible to convert it into local time zone. Then extract year and month from the local timestamp value.

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