Scripted field with timezone

(Sri Harsha) #1

Hi ,
We are trying to create a scripted field as follows :
The "Timestamp" is already in UTC format when we are ingesting the data.
After the scripted field gets created , we applied it as a filter on the dashboard .
But the fitlers dont work as expected and the values are skewed to accomodate for UTC conversion , which means another 6 hours is added .
Eg : if I filter is to choose only the business hours and if I have 9 as the start and 18 as the end , it gets internally converted to 15 and 23 .

Thanks and Regards

(Lukas Olson) #2

Sounds like a bug. Could you report it as an issue on GitHub? Thanks!

(Sri Harsha) #3

Hi Lukas ,
I have created a request

Thanks and Regards,

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