CI builds of NEST not being updated

We are currently using Elasticsearch 6 and are trying to follow the below guidance on upgrading to Elasticsearch 8:

NEST and Elasticsearch.Net; upgrading your Elasticsearch server and codebase | Elastic Blog

In the blog post, it mentions that NEST-packages can be downloaded from the Elastic appveyor NuGet feed. But looking at the NuGet feed, it looks like it's no longer being maintained. There are no NEST v7/v8 versions newer than 2019. The latest v7 version is "7.6.0-ci20191218T171740", which appears to be from 2019-12-18.

The latest 7.6-version is 7.6.2 which was released several months after 7.6.0. The latest 7.x version is 7.17.4 which was released 2 months ago.

If we follow the guidance on upgrading NEST which Elastic recommends, it seems like we would be forced to use a 2,5 year old version of NEST where many more recent bugs have not been fixed. I understand that these packages are intended to be used temporarily, but running some old package version seems like a bad idea.

Am I missing something?

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