CIRCLE geo_shape query not supported in ES 8.1

we currently want to move from ES7.17 to 8.1. so far everything went fine but one application seeding the data on geolocations fails with an error currently on our test system

unsupported_operation_exception: CIRCLE geometry is not supported
[GeoShape(Strategy = GeoStrategy.Recursive)]
 public CircleGeoShape Location { get; set; }

"location": {
    "type": "geo_shape",
    "strategy": "recursive"

Data saving:
"location": {
    "type": "circle",
    "coordinates": [
    "radius": "10"

Could someone help me to resolve this? I can not find out any c# code to migrate it to the circle processor

See Geoshape field type | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic and check out the circle ingest processor.

Thanks. I already read this topic but I can not find out any sample code to migrate this field. In NEST SDK v7.17 I don't see any property to assign the radius. Do you have any idea?

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