CIRCLE geo_shape query not supported in ES7.4.2


we currently want to move from ES6.8.1 to 7.4.2. so far everything went fine but one application querying on geolocations fails with an error currently on our test system

unsupported_operation_exception: CIRCLE geometry is not supported

we know the mapping was deprecated in 6.6, but according to the official documentation it is still supported. our mapping bit:

    "mappings": {
        "properties": {
            "location": {
                "type": "geo_shape",
                "tree": "geohash",
                "strategy": "recursive"

we did reindex the data, still no change, the exception remains. this mapping and the circle query worked fine on version 6.8.1.

I was checking through the notes about breaking changes, but unless the deprecation nothing else is mentioned.

Did we miss out on something?

Hi @UglyBarnacle,

Thanks for reporting, I can confirm that it is a bug.I have just opened:

This bug was introduced on 7.4 series so you this should not happen in 7.3.

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