Cisco Umbrella logs ingestion - Elastic Cloud


I started Elastic Cloud service trial period. I want to ingest Cisco Umbrella logs using Cisco Umbrella integration. Documentation says, that I have to install Elastic Agent in order to ship the logs (logs from self-managed S3 bucket).

I assume Elastic Agent should be installed on Elastic instance. How can I install Elastic Agent if the Elastic deployment is not self-hosted? Or is there something what I missunderstand?

No The Elastic Agent should be on a VM / Ec2 instance in your environment that can access that S3 Bucket.

S3 Bucket -> Elastic Agent (in your VPC / EC2) -> Elastic Cloud

At some point in the future we may have a hosted agent

Thank you @stephenb

Can you tell me what else, except installing the Elastic Agent on EC2 instance, should be configured to successfuly receive logs from self-managed S3 bucket?

I am interested in S3 pooling method. I installed the integration:

  • queue URL - here I put the bucket ARN as field description suggests
  • Access Key ID - IAM user who has permissions to read from S3 bucket
  • Secret Access Key - as above

Anything should be configured on EC2 after installing the agent? I am not receiving any data. Outboud network communication is allowed.

Thank you!

Issue resolved. I reconfigured the integration and logs are successfully shipped. No additional configuration on EC2 was needed.

Thank you.

But I have one more question. I have a gap in logs between 30.03 and 04.04:

How can I investigate what caused this gap? How can I enforce to pull the missing logs from S3 buckets? (there are in S3 for sure, there are just missing in Elastic)

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