Clarification on licensing

Hello All,

I need couple of clarifications based on scenario's, need your input. Apology if this is a redundant question.

scenario 1

3 nodes - master, data, ingest
2 nodes - co-coordinating nodes

scenario 2

Data center 1 - 2 master, data nodes
Data center 2 - 2 master, data nodes
Data center 3 - 1 master node

Is the license based on all nodes or only the data nodes ?
Should the master only nodes to be considered for licensing ?
Is the spec of the node plays any role in the licensing ?


Are you talking about licensing in scope of a paid Subscription, or licensing for X-Pack basic?

Sorry about the clarity in the initial post, Its about the paid subscription.

In that case it would cover all the nodes, other than client.

The specs do not matter.

Thanks, so it means.

master node - considered in license
data node - considered in license
coordinating node - not considered in license

** spec of the machine/VM is not accounted/considered during the license.

You should consult your local Elastic sales contact for the exact details, but that is the general idea.

Thanks a lot, I got the information. Will speak to the to sales contact after internal discussions.

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