Clarification on path field

I am getting files from various paths for the same index. I want to filter based on the file path or file date. I am trying with wildcards, regex still its not working. Where I am missing... ?? I needed any format for the path???

GET /my_store/products/_search { "query": { "wildcard": { "path": "/home/.*" } } }

My path field id "path": "/home/ES/CDR/Postpaid/SMSCDR_POSTPAID_160518080000_10.80.41.81_RS5.log". I want to search based on the hour. I tried this example but returing null.

In your example you're using a regexp pattern but the query says "wildcard". Have you tried using "regexp" there instead (or change the pattern to be a wildcard pattern)?

Can you please give one simple example for this...

I tried this also
GET _search { "query": { "regexp": { "path": "/home/.*" } } }
But this not working. So I created the index like
PUT /ravi { "settings": { "number_of_replicas": 0 }, "mappings": { "path" : { "properties" : { "path" : { "type" : "string", "index": "not_analyzed", "analyzer": "english" } } } } }
but still not working