Clarification required for Snapshot policy option `Wait for snapshot policy`

Hi There,

Can you please help in clarifying below doubts for the option Wait for snapshot policy in the ILM policy.

I have a snapshot policy created for auditbeat indices with index pattern selected as auditbeat-* which runs weekly. Now i am creating an ILM policy for auditbeat indices to delete it after 20 days from warm node rollover , so in the delete phase i have an option to select the snapshot policy before deletion.

Question - If i select the option Wait for snapshot policy and select my weekly policy during the delete phase, will it only take the backup of specific index which is going to get deleted or it takes the snapshot on all auditbeat indices as i mentioned in that policy auditbeat-*


Is it like the ILM (delete action) policy will wait until the snapshot policy is executed as per the schedule.

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