Link index lifecycle policies to the snapshot policy

Hi all.
I currently need to backup old indices are like 3 month older that the current time and only that, then after that i will delete those indices.
I don't really know how to since the way i name the indices makes it really hard for me to automatic detect the indices name.
The index lifecycle and they have the rollover time in them so i was thinking that somehow i could link those feature together.
For ex: all index that have rollover time more than 3 month will be taken a snapshot and then there will be an option to delete those indices that have been taken snapshot successfully.
And also i thinks each snapshot should be created in their own folder on the shared folder so that it could be easier to maybe archive and compress them to put away to save storage.


There's currently no way to do that, but it's a good idea. You should raise a feature request on GitHub for it :slight_smile:

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