[7.5.0] Snapshot linked to ILM

Hi there!

I've already set some index lifecycle policies and they work like a charm.

Now, having the possibility to handle the snapshots through the SLM, I'd like to take them one step further.

Unfortunately, it appears to me they (ILM and SLM) are not really linked.

What I would like to do is to set an ILP and, at the time of rollover, take a snapshot of the soon-to-be-old index and immediately delete it.

I mean, given an index alias my_index, at the moment I'm ingesting data into the indices my_index-000000x and the x is changed every 50Gb.
What I'd like to do is, as soon as the index my_index-0000001 has reached 50Gb, start ingesting data into my_index-0000002, take a snapshot of index my_index-0000001 and delete index my_index-0000001 right after it.

It's kinda strange they developed such powerful tools and then left them not linked.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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