Clean method for adding field when the values may be missing?

I have logs with variable field names. For example:

{"field_one":"first", "field_two":"second"}

("field_two":"second", "field_three": "third"}

To get the correct index mapping, I currently I use:

mutate {
     add_field => {
          "[field][one]" => "%{field_one}"
          "[field][two]" => "%{field_two}"
          "[field][three]" => "%{field_three}"

This works, but I get the following indexed events:

[field][one] : "first", [field][two]: "second", [field][three]: "%{field_three}"

[field][one]: "%{field_one}",  [field][two]: "second", [field][three]: "third"

If a value is not present in the event, then the value for the added field is just "%{value}". Is there a cleaner way to do this without adding an if statement to every single field added?

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