Clear notifications from watcher


(Richard Neely) #1

Is there a way to send clear notifications on watchers that i have setup? i have created an index for watcher history but can't seem to think up a way to get clears to go out.

(Alexander Reelsen) #2

can you be more exact what you are referring to with "clear notifications"? Do you mean to delete the watcher history indices or something else?

(Richard Neely) #3

Not delete anything. Let's say i have a watcher setup to trigger for metricbeat high cpu usage. Once the condition returns to normal is there a way to correlate a clear alert?

(Alexander Reelsen) #4

I am still not sure what a 'clear alert', but I can try to explain what I think your use-case is. You are trying to send an additional notification when a previously triggered alert is not triggered anymore. If you meant that, you would have to do that manually for now.

(system) #5

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