How to clean the .watcher-history index?

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I use some watches to monitor incoming data on a production system. Therefore I created a dashboard (found it on github). Before installing the correct watches I tried some stupid stuff which now appears in the .watcher-history-* index. Can I remove data from this index? How would I do remove all data for a watch named "some-watch"?

Thank you.

(Alexander Reelsen) #2


the watch history basically contains information about each watch execution. Allows for good debugging, in case you are wondering why a watch action triggered or an email did not get send but you expected it to be (maybe the condition did not match, or sending of the email timed out).

if you dont need the data at all, you could delete the whole index, but that eliminates the possibility to check out this for any watch. Alternatively you can run a delete by query and only delete watches for a certain watch_id by specifying the correct query.

Hope this helps!


(Martin Becker) #3

_delete_by_query works for this case.

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