Clear text password in Elasticsearch, logstash, kibana and Beats

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How we can encrypt the clear text password in different components config files? I see few doc talking about adding those setting in keystore but not very clear. Can someone guide?

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See the Elasticsearch secure settings doc for Elasticsearch, the Logstash secure settings doc for logstash and the Kibana secure settings doc for Kibana as a starting point.

If this is still not clear, it would most probably help if you could add a more specific question about what exactly you are trying to do and what issues you are encountering.

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@ikakavas, basically when we have xpack enabled, communication between different components within elastic stack requires credentials. e.g. communicating from logstash to elasticsearch require elastic credential.
Now, those credentials in logstash config file will be visible in clear text ( not encrypted). This is not allowed per my org security policy.
Is there anyway to not show clear text password in config files?

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There is as per the links provided :slight_smile:

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Thanks, This is what i was looking far. Appreciate your help

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