Client IP not traced

I had installed the Agent, kibana, elasticsearch versioned 8.2.1.

Observed that the client ip is not getting captured properly as it is visible as :1.

any suggestions?

Please provide more info.
Are you referring to Elastic Agent, or Elastic APM Agent?
Please share a sample document or screenshot showing which field got the wrong value


I am using elastic apm agent.
PFB the screenshot of the transaction details with client.ip as ::1

The client.ip refers to the source of the request. ::1 indicates that the request traced by this transaction was made from the localhost, wasn't that the case? If not, please provide the following info:

  • What type of transaction is this? Is it a request type, or other?
  • What is the underlying technology used to serve the corresponding request? Is it an HTTP request? If so, what is the technology that handles the request - is it Servlet, Spring MVC, something else? Choose the most relevant one from our supported technologies page
  • Is there some local rerouting at the host where your application is deployed?
  • Check in your logs to see if there's anything interesting logged by the agent

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