Client node and Coordinating nodes

Whether the terminology for the Node type Client Node has been changed to Coordinating node starting from the 5.X version of the elasticsearch? I believe functionality-wise there is no change.

Yes, these days we refer to a node that does not hold data, is not master-eligible, not ingest enabled, and does not participate in cross-cluster search as "coordinating-only node". A precise definition is in the docs. There is indeed no change in functionality from what was previously referred to as a "client-only node", however starting in 5.0 you have to disable ingest for a node to be coordinating-only, and starting in 5.3 you have to disable a node from executing cross-cluster search requests for a node to be coordinating-only. Precisely:

node.master: false false
node.ingest: false
search.remote.connect: false

Thanks for the clarification.

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