Ingest and coordinating nodes in ES 5.x

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I am trying to migrate my Elasticsearch clusters from 2.x to 5.x, My questions is about the known client nodes in ES 2.x, which is the accurate traduction for this kind of nodes in Elasticsearch 5.x?, Just to say that we dont have any pipeline identified in our applications so i dont see the need to have ingest nodes.

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what do you mean with traduction here? There are still client nodes in 5.x. Can you add some details here? Regarding the ingest nodes. If you dont use ingest at all, there is no need to have dedicated ingest nodes (every node can do ingestion anyway by default).


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Yes, sure. I am refering that inside the node documentation (documentationnodes 5.x in elasticsearch 5.x i can not see the client nodes, i saw instead the coordinating nodes, is the coordinating nodes exactly the same kind of nodes which were the client nodes in 2.x version?

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