Client node in elasticsearch cluster

Hi all,
I set up a elasticsearch cluster includes nodes, 3 master nodes, 1 data node and 1 client node.
i see the many topics said that it's need only one client node to handler request search, indexing,... from client. I have a question want to ask that what happend if the client node died?

If you only have 1 data node, there is in my opinion not really any need for dedicated master or client nodes, as this will be a single point of failure. If you are starting out with Elasticsearch, I would recommend that you set up a 3-nbode cluster where all nodes hold data and are master eligible (possibly 2 master/data nodes and a smaller dedicated master node). If you then have issues with your cluster you can introduce dedicated nodes types then. Just because you can define dedicated node types does not necessarily mean that you should.

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thank you for your advise. It's really helpful to me. Supposedly, in the future our system would have more data, and 10 nodes. in your opinion, how many dedicated master node, data nodes, client nodes is the best choice for our elasticsearch system?

Once you number of data nodes grows or your cluster comes under a lot of pressure, introducing 3 dedicated master nodes is recommended, and this number is generally the recommendation irrespective of cluster size. The number of data nodes required will depend on a lot of factors, e.g. data volumes, indexing rate, query patterns and hardware profile, so is hard to estimate. Client nodes are generally optional, but can be used to good effect together with Kibana.

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Thank you very much! :smiley:

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