Clone ES indexes to the new Cluster

Gentleman, hello.
Am I new to ElasticSearch, so be patient.

At some point, I realized that I needed to scale the existing cluster horizontally due to the lack of bandwidth of the disk subsystem. Along the way, I decided to change the number of shards in the cluster, to the future, as well as change the placement policy on the disk.

I ordered new virtual machines, created a new cluster of the same version.
I created the index by copying everything from INDEX/_settings and INDEX/_mapping (deleting/changing only the number of shards, UUID, version, provided_name, creation_date) from the old cluster.
I added the IP addresses of old machines in the new white-list and launched the remote reindex.
Everything went well, without errors. I got indexes of the same size, name, but with a different cluster name.
Only now, the same request to API in the old cluster gives the results, the new one does not.

Tell me where to look?
I thought this would be enough, what am I missing?
ES.version - 6.6.1

I have find my problem, new cluster does not contain '_source' fields.
My bad, experiment going on)

Tnx 2 all

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