Cloud Provider - need change

Hi, my enterprise use Elasticsearch and your first Provider was Google(GCP) and after change to Azure, when decide to change the cloud provider to Google again, we didn't get.
And the problem is appear only Azure, and not other Providers to choose like AWS and Google(GCP).
How to solve that?

Hi @Eduardo_Maia

Apologies, but It's not exactly clear what your issue is.

If you sign up through a marketplace like Azure marketplace, you'll only be able to provision elastic clusters on Azure.

But if you went direct to

and not through a marketplace then you can provision elastic clusters on azure, AWS and GCP.

In addition, you can always open a support ticket and get help that way.

So perhaps if you can provide a little more detail, someone can help you here. Otherwise open a support ticket.

Hi, my company when start with work with Elasticsearch, started direct with[], and choose google like a cloudprovider to deployment, but when wanted to change the cloudprovider to azure, this was changed with sucess. But nowadays the company need comeback to ggogle provider but this option it's not availble more.
I have no idea, what it is.

In this photo appear only Azure provider, we need change to Google provider.

And thank you so much for helping me and my company.

Hi @Eduardo_Maia

I Replied Directly / Privately to you.

For others that come across this post.

When you sign up with Elastic Cloud through a Cloud Provider Marketplace like Azure, AWS, GCP marketplace you will only be able to deploy Elastic Clusters on that Cloud Provider.

If you want to deploy Elastic Clusters on more than 1 cloud provider you need to sign up with Elastic Cloud directly with Elastic ( not through a Cloud Provide marketplace.


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