Elastic Stack Cloud Subscription


I would like to know the difference between

  • getting elastic cloud subscription separately and

  • hosting elastic from the existing Azure subscription

Hi @Thamini_NellaiKumar Thanks for considering Elastic Cloud.

From a feature and support perspective the 2 offerings are exactly the same.

They are only different in the mechaniism that you sign up and pay /are billed.

Direct to Elastic Cloud you will sign up and be directly billed from Elastic.

If you sign up.and provision the Azure console you will be billed via Azure

Thanks for the response @stephenb.

Will there be any support provided by the elastic team to migrate from the on-prem cluster to cloud ?

Also, Is Microsoft Azure Marketplace billing integration available only in Platinum but not in Enterprise version?

There is technical support available as part of the subscription, depending on the subscription level see below. They will help with issues, settings, bad query, connection, performance issues etc.. etc.. break / fix + a little more.

However if you want consulting on the planning, design and implementation and execution of that would be a professional services engagement

Azure Marketplace billing is available for all Elastic Cloud subscription Levels, Gold, Platinum and Enterprise.

Just to be clear there are Self Managed Licenses for Non-Hosted / Self Managed products, those are not purchased through the Marketplace but I not think you are talking about that.

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