Difference between using elastic cloud (aws) and using elastic from AWS marketplace

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I want to know the details information about difference between using elastic cloud (aws) and using elastic from our AWS marketplace?

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From a functional perspective Feature and Capabilities and Commercial Support perspective that is provided directly by Elastic there is no Difference between Elastic Cloud direct through Elastic and Elastic Cloud through the AWS Marketplace ... they are the exact same offering, the only differences is in the Commercial / Billing perspective i.e. you either pay Elastic Directly or through the normal AWS Market Place agreements.

The Hourly / Monthly pricing is the same Direct or through AWS Marketplace.

There are annual and multi-year options but you would need to engage with an Elastic Sales Team to discuss.

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Hello @stephenb ,
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How can I select the subscription if I go with AWS marketplace?

See the Message I sent ... but for Others that find this thread

AWS Marketplace and thus that will be Monthly Consumption (See Below)

Our Cloud Pricing is Public and you can find it here: There is No Discount for Monthly.

With respect to your question about Selecting the subscription level See Below: In short Sign Up and then immediately log into the Elastic Cloud Console and Change your subscription to the level you want.

AWS Marketplace Monthly Consumption

Status: Available

This is a self-service option where prospects can visit the Elasticsearch listing on AWS and subscribe to the offering.

AWS MP customers on a monthly model are billed in arrears.

Newly subscribed customers are Enterprise by default. They can change their level after registration subject to the same conditions as with Elastic direct.
For a long time, only Standard was available for AWS MP subscribers. As we moved to consolidated usage reporting in March/2021, we made all levels available through self-service in the Cloud console (Standard, Gold, Platinum, Enterprise).

Reminder: Customers can always upgrade their subscription level, which takes effect immediately. They can downgrade at any time, but this only takes effect at the start of the next billing cycle (first of the next month). We offer an exclusion where they can immediately downgrade on the first month of subscription (to fully align with Elastic direct).

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