[Announcement] Elastic Cloud now available via the AWS market place

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Hi all

Last November, AWS announced a new marketplace service, called SaaS subscriptions. It enables users to discover and subscribe to a range of SaaS and API products using their AWS account, right from the AWS console. With this offering, AWS users can subscribe on the AWS Marketplace and consume each service directly through the seller’s website or API, receiving a single bill showing all their metered usage for all consumed AWS and marketplace services.

Following this announcement, we've worked hard to make Elastic Cloud available to our users via the AWS marketplace, and we're happy to announce that you can now also subscribe to Elastic Cloud using our AWS marketplace listing.

It's worth noting, that given the current constraints of the marketplace we have taken the breadth of options available to you for deployment and consolidated them to 8 variants based on size and region.

Naturally, direct subscription to Elastic Cloud is still available.

We look forward to your feedback on the process of signing up and provisioning.

The Elastic Cloud Team

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