Questions about Elastic Cloud on AWS marketplace

HI - I'm looking into using elastic could on the AWS marketplace - really excited about the option. A few questions.

The are pricing differences for US-small/medium/large - but I'm not sure what that means - how do I know. Is this based on data size or RAM or something else?

Also, it says it uses i2 instances - it it possible to chose something else. EG, for my application I think IO provisioned EBS is fine and a different instance is ok (m4.xlarge - maybe even r4.large). I'll have to benchmark it - but I wasn't sure if I had a choice or I'm just going to get an i2?

BTW - do you support the i3 with NVMe? Sounds fast.. Might be a good option for a hot/warm setup.


Hi @yehosef,

Sorry for the late response.

Can you please raise your question at Now Live! New Elastic Cloud Standard Support.
This channel is dedicated to Elastic Cloud Enterprise, which is a different product.

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