Question about a cloud instance size changes

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Hello, I hope this is the right place for this question:

If I order an AWS box maintained by Elastic, for a monthly cost, and then if I want to grow into a bigger setup, will Elastic move me to the larger setup without any hassle or will it require to create a new bigger box and migrate to it?
And if so, who does that work?

I am referring to these sizes:

Thank you !

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Hey @dorj1234,

This forum is meant to discuss Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) which is another product. Just as an FYI for future questions.
Regarding your question, any hardware scaling, maintanence, etc. are completely taken care of by the Elastic Cloud platform. You are free to scale your clusters up and down as you wish, we will take care of any hardware provisioning required in a way that will be completely transparent. The price mentioned in the console also includes any hardware related costs.


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