What is the pricing as well as disadvantages for ElasticCloud on Linux

what is the pricing as well as disadvantages for ElasticCloud on Linux

Hi @Yash_Srivastava

here is the home pricing page here.

Pricing depends on the resources / size of your deployment(s).

There are also very detailed pricing links at the bottom

Pricing and value calculators
Estimate your total Elastic Cloud spend, look up detailed Elastic Cloud pricing by provider, region, and instance type, and calculate your return on investment.

Elastic Cloud pricing calculator
Elastic Cloud detailed price list
Elastic Cloud value calculator

You can purchase directly from Elastic or go through the GCP, AWS or Azure marketplace, just make sure you select the official elastic search.

With respect to disadvantages you will need to be more clear. We think Elastic Cloud is the best way to immediately get the value with the Elastic Stack as it is run by The Creators of elasticsearch and the deployments are optimized to OS and hardware.

What are you concerns? Can you be a bit more specific?


Stephen thanks for your inputs . If we want OS specific pricing(Windows/Linux) here in elastic cloud , same as official aws website, how can we do that?

Hi @Yash_Srivastava

That is the AWS offering which we do not run, it is a fork of elasticsearch so we have no information on the pricing nor how it runs. To be clear we do not run that in anyway nor is it the same as our official offering.

Apologies I should have put a link to the official hosted Elasticsearch.


If you want to better understand the difference between the official hosted Elastic Stack and the AWS offering please see here

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