Elasticsearch pricing

Hello everyone,
i was looking at elasticsearch pricing.
I found this link:


which says the "Standard" version is $ 16 a month.
But I don't understand why, with this configurator:


tells me about $ 0.0XX per hour.
What price should I take into consideration?
Thank you

Hi @accateo Thanks for asking about Elastic Cloud

Our overall page says Official Elasticsearch Pricing: Elastic Cloud, Managed Elasticsearch | Elastic

Says As low as $16/month that would be for a very small starter cluster.

1 x 1GB Data Node, + 1 x 1GB Kibana + 1 x 512M APM on AWS = 0.0225 / hr * 720 hours / month = ~$16 / month

To Price out what your actual cluster would be use, make sure select the correct provider and region you are looking for.


@stephenb okok thank you.
The cost:
0.0225 / hr
is it independent of whether I send data to elastic or not?
is the maintenance cost right?

Hi @accateo

That will be your cluster cost per month, that includes, HW, Software and the Level of support selected.

To directly answer you question if you set up a cluster and it is 0.0225 / hr and you never use it you will still be charges for that cluster, there is not concept of idle / standby etc. Once you provision it you will be charged hourly, if you destroy it, the charges will be rounded up to that nearest hour and stop.

There are Data Transfer and Storage cost, as with most cloud services.

  • Ingress (Inbound) is Free.
  • Egress (Outbound) has a Cost as well as Interzone
  • Plus there are Snapshot Storage Costs

Long story short Typically the costs are ~10%-20% of your monthly.

You can read about that here

You can read about how to view those cost here


@stephenb again thank you for your patience.

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