Hourly rate pricing

I've created a new account in Elastic Cloud, with a trial period.

Out of curiosity I wanted to check the "Billing" section and I noticed a strange cost.
$ 0.2714 of "hourly rate" for "Cloud Standard Data High I / O GCP". Why such a high cost? From all the price configurators I did not see such high costs....
Thank you

Hi @accat

So that is $0.274 = 4GB High I/O GCP Europe West x 2 zones = 8GB High I/0 GCP Europe West per hour

If you look at the pricing table here

So that is

8 GB GCP High I/O GCP Europe West x $0.034 GiB / hour = $0.272 / hour total for the Data Nodes.

That is for the 2 x 4GB Data Node GCP High I/O GCP Europe West including the SSD storage.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @stephenb ,
thank you for the response.
I understand but...how these prices can respect the one written here:

For example 16$ at month?

I believe that if you start a 1gb single node cluster on AWS us-east, the cost is:

Which gives: 24 * 31 * $0.0189 = $14,0616

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general purpose, memory optimised is the cheapest i can find at just over $15 a month, didnt try different zones


Thank you all!

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