I don't understand why my bill is more than the cents per hour stated on the dashboard

Hello, can someone please help me understand our bill? Budget crunch.

On the dashboard, it says our one deployment is supposed to cost .0957 cents per hour. We have 2 x 45 GB.
Enterprise search and Kibana is supposed to be free.
We are hardly using any of the 90 GB.

But when I look at our July bill, for 744 hours, there is

  • Cloud Standard, GCP us-central1 (Iowa), gcp.es.datahot.n2.68x10x45, 1GB, 2AZ 744 $0.0548 $40.77
  • Cloud Standard Master GCP US Central (Iowa) 1 GB non-HA SSD 744 $0.0217 $16.14
  • Cloud Standard, GCP us-central1 (Iowa), gcp.enterprisesearch.n2.68x32x45, 2GB, 2AZ 744 $0.1636 $121.72 !!!
    Total, usage: $178.63. This is 24 cents an hour.

Thanks for any insight!

Hi @tonyfam


What dashboard... Screenshot?

This is what I see which pretty much lines up with your bill... It even shows a bit higher

This is GCP Standard Subscription Iowa


You should also be able to look under the usage to see exactly what you are using.

To be clear you pay for the cluster you provision whether it is fully utilized or not...

Not to say there might be a bug in a dashboard somewhere.. Share perhaps we can help

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Thanks. Here is our dashboard.

Details from our July bill.

And here is our Aug bill. Now I'm even more confused. This is the first time it's been lower than around $180.

Thank you for any insight!

Hi @tonyfam

That portion of Dashboard shows a Single 2GB Enterprise Search which is Free

However, Your Actual Cluster is 2 x 2GB Enterprise Search you can see that in the Cost

So there looks to be a bug in that Portion of the Dashboard... your actual cluster config / usage looks correct. AND you should be able to see it on the actual cluster configuration on the Deployment Page. Take a look I suspect you will see it look like this ... or just look on the deployment page and you will see 2 Enterprise Search Node.

Your Options

A) Reduce to a Single Enterprise Search Node (not recommended potential data loss)
B) Leave with 2 x 2GB and pay the actual cost.

Hmm. Our account shows this thing on our one deployment:

Did that perhaps change recently?
Is there more than 1 deployment?

If you go to the usage screen does it show the proper information?

Go to Billing - Usage and Cick on that Deployment Name and check to see if shows the correct product in the Pop Up Window

If not open a support ticket.

If you DM me the cluster ID / and your ORG / Account ID I can take a quick look but to be clear I am not support :slight_smile:

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