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Hello there!

I'm new a this forum and I want to learn which is the best approach to set up a new Elastic stack for my Azure subscription.

I chose to create my ES from cloud.elastic.co using Azure Single Sign-On (SSO).

Everything worked fine, I was able to create the stack! but I can't integrate my Azure Monitoring logs from each resource (Diagnostic Settings -> Partner Solution). From what I understand, I can only find my ES stack if I create ES from the Azure Marketplace.

I have doubts about what is the best way to create my ES cluster: from Azure Marketplace or from Elastic.Cloud...

Opinions or recommendations?

Thanks in advance

Hi @SebastianMrtnz Welcome to the community and thanks for trying Elastic Cloud

If you are looking for the most native integrations I would use the Azure Native Integration

The Elastic Cloud native Azure integration allows you to deploy managed instances of the Elastic Stack directly in Azure, through the Azure integrated marketplace. The integration brings the following benefits:

  • Easy deployment for managed Elastic Stack instances Elastic Stack instances managed by Elastic can be deployed directly from the Azure console. This provides the complete Elastic Stack experience with all commercial features.
  • Integrated billing You are billed directly to your Azure account; no need to configure billing details in Elastic.
  • Easy consolidation of your Azure logs in Elastic Use a single-step setup to ingest logs from your Azure services into the Elastic Stack.

There is a blog on this

And a quick Webinar

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Hi @stephenb,

I re-read the documentation and I think I'm a bit confused!

At first I thought that Azure Marketplace (it was the NATIVE and obsolete option of Elastic Stack). And that the recommendation was to create the cluster from cloud.elastic.co.

So, we log in to cloud.elastic.co with SSO (Azure) and we have related billing in our organization, however we do not see resources in our subscription (or organization). We assume that those resources are managed by EC directly.

Our team has created the entire configuration as code using the Terraform Elastic Cloud provider (using API KEY).

But reading the documentation you shared, I understand that the recommendation would be to "manually" create the EC cluster from the Azure Console (Marketplace or Native Azure) and then simply configure it. Am I right?

We need to be able to integrate with Azure resources easily...

I look forward to your comments, thanks again!

Yes ... if you want all the native azure integrations... you will need to use the Native Azure Integration..

But looks like you can still use terraform...

Can I deploy Elasticsearch using the Azure CLI, REST API, or an ARM Template?

See Here

Currently, Elasticsearch cannot be deployed on Azure using these methods. However, you can use one of these official Azure SDKs:

The following methods are also available to create your deployments:

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