Manage an Elastic Cloud resource in Azure

I recently had Elasticsearch deployed on Azure as a marketplace app on a Pay as you go subscription. We were able to install Elastic agents straight from Azure which was a big help for VMs. I have now got the full license via Elastic Cloud and decommissioned the Azure marketplace app we had used but I've now realised I need the features for fleets straight from Azure as we had previously used.

Is there a way to connect the two again? I have been looking at the documentation and it keeps pointing towards creating a new subscription rather than connecting an existing one. I have also searched the forum and can't seem to find anything around this. If this is a question Support can handle, happy to email them too.

I think you'd need to check this with Support :slight_smile:

Thanks @warkolm I raised this with support.

For anyone who may stumble across it, the answer is still being looked at as to whether I can connect an existing Elastic Cloud subscription to the Azure Elastic Marketplace instance.

Here is the documentation on the Microsoft One where it details what I was trying to achieve: Manage an Elastic integration with Azure - Azure partner solutions | Microsoft Docs

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