Combining ELK with Azure

Hello guys,

We have an application deployed to Azure. The built in Azure monitoring is very easy to configure. However, having Azure index custom application logfiles seems to be a bit harder.
In such way that we are looking into getting an ELK-stack up and running to parse the custom application logs.

I have used Kibana in the past but never set it up so consider mee a newbie.
I browsed through the docs but I cannot seem to find how I could set up ELK to consume logfiles with e.g. filebeat.

We are also not yet sure if we want to deploy the ELK-stack to Azure or have it deployed on premise.

Can anyone provide me with some insights or good docs to get me started please?

Thanks in advance.

Azure market place provides an X Pack template which can be used to spin up an Elastic Cluster very easily.
You just need to specify the number of nodes and it will spin up, Kibana, Client Node & Data Nodes.

Once you have Kibana, you can log in to your client and data nodes (ssh) through Kibana. All search requests are routed through the client node.

Since your application is already running in azure, I would recommend to have ELK stack in Azure so in that case you do not have to worry about owning the cluster infrastructure.

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