Elastic Cluster from Azure market place

Hello all,

Been a while since i posted here, but i got a bit of a head scratcher.

i went and tested this rollout https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/elastic.elasticsearch?tab=Overview and it went ok :slight_smile: so i logged into kibana and looked good. Checked my Azure VM list and saw my three VM's, All good.

So now i want to import some of my modified plugins and scripts to logstash, and blow me down... no logstash.

I checked in my kibana VM.. nothing, then went to the other VM's and found i can't log into them... i probably can get into them but to be honest its a trial setup so i can knock it down if needed....

what i need is some plan English explanations on this market place roll-out.

For example...

Data node
Master Node
Kibana Node
Client Node

Its all well and good having a metric ton of data and files in git and on the Elastic.co site, but theres nothing thats explaining in real plain English what these mean. Kibana node i understand... im a bit puzzled NGINX isnt installed, but i'm assuming we're looking at Azures infrastructure architecture replacing the functionality of NGINX.

Data node i think is the data shard repository ?
Master node does the searching of the data nodes?
Client node ??????

So the thing that puzzled me, when its deployed into Azure, and here i did a 2 node 1 kibana install, i couldn't find logstash, i could probably fumble through a seperate VM just for logstash into the same resource group, and probably fumble getting ES and LS talking to each other, but i thought this marketplace item was supposed to cover all of this.

Anyone else installed this and has some guidance they can offer on where i look for logstash?

so digging a bit more i found this...

The nodes in an Elasticsearch cluster can perform the following roles:
A data node which can hold one or more shards that contain index data.
A client node that does not hold index data but that handles incoming requests made by client applications to the appropriate data node.
A master node that does not hold index data but that performs cluster management operations, such as maintaining and distributing routing information around the cluster (the list of which nodes contain which shards), determining which nodes are available, relocating shards as nodes appear and disappear, and coordinating recovery after node failure. Multiple nodes can be configured as masters, but only one will actually be elected to perform the master functions. If this node fails, another election takes place and one of the other eligible master nodes will be elected and take over.

which makes sense, but still nothing on where logstash sits in this model

Node | Elasticsearch Reference [6.0] | Elastic explains this.

It sits outside the cluster, we don't deploy it with this template at this stage, it's up to you to deploy how you wish.

ahhh but i can deploy logstash as a separate vm inside my resource group etc so its all in one location

That's the idea, yes :slight_smile:

awesome.. thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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