Can someone please explain the difference between the CloudUI and ECE API URL. Does a change to the ECE API URL also change the URL used to connect the CloudUI?

Thank you.

In ECE, the UI and API generally share the same URL, with any requests to "/api/..." being proxied from the UI to the API server (the "Adminconsole" container). This allows ECE operators to connect to the API over the standard HTTPS port, rather than the one the Adminconsole API exposes.

The "API URL" configuration parameter in the ECE installer and UI is used to notify the ECE platform components what the API URL is. This is used for features like the automatic SSO into Kibana from the ECE console. The reason this is a configurable parameter is that it is likely set to a DNS name pointing to an external load balancer; in this case the ECE platform would does not know about the load balancer but needs to know the URL to ensure the correct SAML metadata is generated. Updating the URL does not have any effect on the URL you would use to connect to ECE, but updating the URL of a load balancer in some external system to connect to ECE means this configuration setting must be updated.

Besides the UI ("Platform > Settings" page) and API (API - Base Url | Elastic Cloud Enterprise Reference [2.11] | Elastic), this can be set at install or updated time via the --api-base-url command line argument.

Hopefully that helps!

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Thank you Daniel. I really appreciate the detailed explanation.


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