Load Balancing and ECE


I've reviewed the ECE installation documentation and while it is clear that load balancing is recommended/required for traffic to the deployment endpoints (via the proxies) is load balancing required or recommended to access the Cloud UI?

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Load balancing is recommended for the UI in a production setting where more than one "Coordinator" host exists. In that case, there will be multiple hosts that are hosting the UI container, which itself talks to the API (adminconsole) container on the same host. Without a load balancer, the ECE admin would need to select one of the hosts to connect to, rather than having the load balancer round-robin (for example) traffic to all UI instances.

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So in an environment where multiple 'coordinator' hosts are behind a load balancer and the CloudUI is accessed via a designated URL, can the admin console/CloudUI still be reached by IP address of each 'coordinator'?

Yes, correct, you can still access the cloud UI and API by IP address or hostname of the individual "coordinator" host. Note some features like automatic SSO into Kibana from the ECE console might not work as expected, but overall it should work.

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Thank you once again Daniel!

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