Cloudwatch to Elastic Cloud: missing data?

Hi there,

I am currently using Elastic Cloud to store my AWS CloudWatch logs. Everything seems to work fine as I'm already able to display charts and to query ElasticSearch correctly. Yet, I got a strange behavior I can't explain.

I am logging some events from my app. Let's say request_start and request_end. They are both available on Kibana. Yet, I'm also logging another event, let's say request_middle. I can see it on CloudWatch.

When checking in the "Discover" tab of Kibana, I don't see this event. I tried event:"request_middle" query, in vain. And if I display a list of all events under this same tab, I get a full list, except request_middle.

I tried to query directly Elastic Search, in case of. But no results as well.

Have some of you already encountered such a case? If so, how did you fixed it?

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