Cluster fe2023 went down after adding custom script

(André Júnior) #1

Our cluster fe2023 stopped working after an update, and creating a new index with a custom script.

One of the nodes is fully working, but it's bloated because of the high access is having. (Mem pressure > 100%). We tried adding more Data centers. But no change at all.

We're not being able to access Kibana, or any other tool to know what's happening.

[2015-08-12 12:40:16,573][DEBUG][discovery.zen.fd ] [master] restarting fault detection against master [[instance-0000000034][OXNjPcmwRi-TYECd6SxqgQ][f6957db8093b][inet[ ... ]]{max_local_storage_nodes=1, logical_availability_zone=zone-1, availability_zone=us-east-1a, region=us-east-1}], reason [new cluster state received and we are monitoring the wrong master [null]]

(Patrick Kik) #2

I think this is the error you should be looking into:

Is every node in your cluster of the same Elasticsearch version?

(system) #3