Cluster node for elasticsearch

I have three nodes with settings
server1: node-03
node.master: false true
server2: node-02
node.master: true true

Server3: node-01
node.master: true true

but my server1 is giving an error :

[2018-01-30T11:50:01,030][WARN ][o.e.d.z.ZenDiscovery ] [node-03] not enough master nodes discovered during pinging (found [[]], but needed [-1]), pinging again

a help would a really appreciated


Server 1 can’t be a master node, nor are you telling it who to talk to in order to discover the cluster.

Also, having an even number of master nodes does not provide high availability. For your setup, you need to configure the minimum_master_nodes to 2, meaning both master nodes must be online for the cluster to be operational. If this is not set, each master could potentially determine it could run its own cluster.

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