How high availability of elasticsearch cluster?

I am going to install elasticsearch 3 node cluster, 2 masters and one node for haut disponibility, my question is I can use the master as data node also or not
master.node: true true

and what is the problème if I do it ?
in my case with just one data node, if a problème happen to the data node how can I buckup the data ???????????

For high availability you need 3 master-eligible nodes with discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes set to 2. Having only 2 master-eligible nodes will not give you high availability. You also need at least 2 data nodes and all indices configured to have a replica. The easiest way to do this if all hosts have the same specification is to have all nodes be master-eligible and hold data.

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and for the["current_host","host2","host3"]
if I enter the current host in the list it will not make a problem?????

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