Cluster state as yellow and unassigned

(john rabindranath) #1

Hi Team,
can anyone help me to resolve this issue ?
i am having elasticsearch with more than 1lakh datas, i have requested to download the data suddenly Es has stopped, then i have restarted the es , my cluster health is showing yellow .. i have configured two nodes previously its working fine


(Florian Kelbert) #2

Hi @johnrabi

Can you please clarify your question?

  • What is 1 lakh datas?
  • What exactly is the problem you observe? Your cluster state seems is green according to the JSON you provided

(Bernt Rostad) #3

I wondered about the same. It seems lakh is an Indian term for the number 100,000 so I assume we're talking about 100 thousand records, which really is a minor amount of data for Elasticsearch to handle.

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