CMDB use-case

Dear Elastic community,

I have a question regarding a specific use-case for which we would like to use Elastic(search).
We would like to use Elastic for automating our Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Using this, we would like to get a list of hosts/servers, network devices, applications, servers, and their information (i.e, OS information, hardware components). We have some existing monitoring tools/applications which we could use as a source. I figured we could use filebeats to retrieve asset information, and logstash to retrieve and forward existing data from our sources (3rd party, Ansible, Intune, Solarwinds) to elasticsearch.

  1. Is there anyone who did something familiar to this?
  2. Does anyone know how exactly we could set this up?
  3. I saw logstash has a SNMP module, could this be used to get device information instead of metric data?

I did quite a lot of research on existing use-cases, but haven't yet found anyone who did something similar. As far as I can see, ELK is usually used for retrieving metric data, not for CMDB use-cases.

Any comments/information is greatly appreciated!
Kind Regards,

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