ELK based CMDB


I am planning to develop a CMDB sort of tool which can
  1. Hold list of hosts/servers , network devices, NMS, n/w device port level connections.

  2. Mark relation between apps (hosts/servers) and network devices, NMS EMS relations.

  3. Idea is to build a bird's eye view of complete organization and then zoom to data centres, racks, servers and see their relation with other entities within business.

  4. Show impact on business of one entity is unavailable/unreachable/in-maintenance.

  5. Later, I want to extend it to auto-discovery/learning mode to update entities and relations in elasticsearch inventory.

Has anyone tried such a thing ? are kibana visualization available for such a solution ?


Hi Manish,

Even me looking for similar solution . Did you got any update on this.


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