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I was wondering if someone here in the community could help me with some code location pointers.

I am working on a project, and as part of the project I am looking at the Elasticsearch source code. I am interested in finding the java files implementing certain functions of Elasticsearch. For example I am looking for the implementation of Query DSL. I will be happy with a directory location or file location. No need to go into details on the specific files (you can if you'd like, that would help too), I can do that myself, but a location to start looking into will certainly save me a lot of time. Obviously if you have pointers to other features I welcome those too.

I appreciate the help in advance!

There are many parts involved in processing query by elasticsearch.
If we take with a simple term query, you can start with TermQueryBuilder, which is a builder object for a query that allows to decode a query from json and translate it to a corresponding Lucene query with the method doToQuery. Then the Lucene library will execute the query.

Hello Mayya,

Thank you very much for the info. It is very helpful. It points me in the right direction.

Thanks again,

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