Collapse with point in time feature

I'm trying to use the collapse feature with the point in time, I successfully make the two features run together as per documentation, but the problem is with the result, in my case I have 3 documents has the same value for a specific field but each document has a different date for example:
doc1: { shared_key: "A1", doc_date: "2022-04-04" } doc2: { shared_key: "A1", doc_date: "2022-04-03" } doc3: { shared_key: "A1", doc_date: "2022-04-02" }

When I run collapse with pagination using point in time I got doc3 which has old date, even when I used function_score to raise the score for the latest document, it doesn't make any difference.


would it be possible to provide full but minimal example, that others can use to reproduce the issue in Kibana Dev Tools?

Also the Elasticsearch version you are using would help a lot!



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