Collectd agent ethstat error

Hi there guys,
Do not know if I should ask this question in here or in the docker forum, please advice.

I'm trying to gather stats from a container iface and I get this error:

[error] ethstat plugin: Reading statistics from eth0 failed: Operation not permitted


If you are using collectd, probably best place is you ask this in the collectd forum. Or what beat are you using?

Hi Ruflin
I decided to go with collectd for containers cuz it's easier to setup, for the rest I'm using metricbeat/filebeat integrated with ELK stack.


Interesting to hear. There is already the cgroup module in Metricbeat and we are currently working on a docker module. Anything specific you were missing / looking for?

Just the way I have to start the container, I don't feel comfortable doing this:

docker run \
  --volume=/proc:/hostfs/proc:ro \ 
  --volume=/sys/fs/cgroup:/hostfs/sys/fs/cgroup:ro \ 
  --volume=/:/hostfs:ro \ 
  my/metricbeat:latest -system.hostfs=/hostfs

Collectd has lots of plugins ( a docker one also ) and found it easy to install and setup once the container is running or from a Dockerfile, but hey, not saying metricbeat is bad , I used it for other things and it's great, the dashboards are cool, i'ts just the way I wanted to monitor a container and want to do it as simple as possible..

I'd like to hear more about the docker module you mention before anyway, and when I upgrade ES to 5.x I'll want to test x-pack which looks awesome.

Thank for your time and support

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. The docker module is already in master and we are currently doing quite a bit of tweaking on it:

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